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       Perhaps you know that sinking feeling, when reading an opposition brief by a reasonably good lawyer.  The argument seems right, even crushing.  But you read it again, more slowly, thoughtfully.  Nearly always, there will be that wonderful moment when you say to yourself, “wait a minute,” because something in their facts, their law, or their reasoning is vulnerable, or just wrong. 

       There are many things I live for, of course, but that is one of them.

        Another is reading one of my old briefs, after the case is nearly forgotten, and finding it to be well done.  It is a fine feeling, and it makes me want to keep writing them.  In 2015 I married a French woman and moved to the south of France, but I will continue to write trial briefs. 

        I prepare them remotely.  As an independent contractor, I have prepared all of my briefs remotely from Arizona, from Oregon, from Colombia, and from France. 

         You may follow this link to my résumé.


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