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   I was a trial lawyer in Arizona and Oregon for 25 years.  I represented doctors, lawyers, banks, insurance companies, criminal defendants, businesses, and governmental agents and agencies.  In 2011 I became an independent contractor writing for other trial lawyers. 

   Lawyers hire me to get good, timely legal briefs and analyses, while they focus on other litigation matters.  They bill the client for my time at an appropriate rate.  I charge $75.00 per hour. 

   Generally my lawyer-clients ask that I write the sort of pleadings, motions, and appeals I wrote as a trial lawyer.  A few times they have asked that I provide only a written legal analysis.  I also write letters to induce a favorable settlement or to avoid litigation. 


   Here is a sample of such a letter and a sample of a brief and its supporting reply

   With the brief to the court, I generally provide further analyses that I would not put in the trial brief.  I might, for example, suggest discovery, warn of troublesome case language, anticipate opposing arguments, or propose responsive arguments for a reply brief.  

   I usually send my work as an email attachment. This convenience allows you or your secretary to modify the document.  


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